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Di  Edoardo  (inviato il 03/03/2008 @ 19:42:40)
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Gods Blessings to you and your family. The Lord is Faithful and I continue to look forward to the moving of Gods Spirit in your lives.
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Gods Blessings to you and your family. The Lord is Faithful and I continue to look forward to the moving of Gods Spirit in your lives.
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Silence implies consent.
Di  www  (inviato il 06/08/2008 @ 12:07:08)
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When difficulties are overcome they begin blessing.
Di  www  (inviato il 07/08/2008 @ 12:33:56)
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To cultivate trees, you need 10 years. To cultivate people, you need 100 years.
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The gods sell all things at a fair price.
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Love rules his kingdom without a sword.
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Of all the strategems, to know when to quit is the best.
Di  www  (inviato il 15/08/2008 @ 08:46:23)
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Once a word leaves your mouth, you cannot chase it back even with the swiftest horse.
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A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.
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Play a harp before a cow.
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Happiness is like a sunbeam, which the least shadow intercepts, while adversity is often as the rain of spring.
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The superior doctor prevents sickness; The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; The inferior doctor treats actual sickness;
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An eagle does not catch flies.
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We come and cry and that is life, we cry and go and that is death.
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What the eye does not admire the heart does not desire.
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May you get what you wish for.
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